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Our Mission

Create the finest real time application solution for specialty retail using the latest and best proven technology.

Company Profile

We are expert in shoe and apparel retail technology for retailers from one to one hundred stores. Our people are masters at developing and supporting these types of systems and have experience developing and supporting DOS based, Windows based and now Web Server based solutions for over 20 years. We are a boutique software company and as such can deliver close in support to help you achieve maximum benefit from the Imagine Retail solution.


  • Develop, support and deliver a top to bottom solution for specialty retail that is geared to that industry … namely size retail. Sizes are not added on they are part of the original design.
  • Create an atmosphere of sophisticated simplicity that enables the average retail worker to use Imagine Retail successfully.
  • Use known computer solutions to automate the tedious tasks present in all specialty retail.
  • Integrate the Imagine Retail to the outside world: vendors, banks, payment processors, Web stores and others.
  • Make it fast … very fast.
  • Make it reliable.
  • All help is on-line and task specific so you can just click and receive instructions on the task at hand.
  • Try before you buy … convert data and let the customer use and learn Imagine Retail prior to installation.
  • Create a system that can both be installed in-house or be hosted remotely.