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Success Stories

Here is a short list of how footwear and apparel stores have grown their business with Imagine Retail:

Vernon Powell

With 11 stores including a web store, Vernon Powell was the most "do it yourself" user and uses just about all of Imagine including the Web store, auto stock balancing, auto replenishment, customer rewards, accounting integration and a host of others.

Peltz Shoes

Peltz Shoes (4 stores, Web store) is the most "automated" user using OTB, dynamic models, auto stock balancing, auto replenishment, accounting integration, EDI (barcodes, orders, ASN’s, inventory advice, electronic invoices), Web store and FAST order processing have enabled them to grow from one store to four stores. They use store sales to model stock at a distribution center and Auto Stock Balance this back stock to stores in real time. Sell one and get it the next day is their goal.

Comfort Management

Comfort Management (20+ stores) was the most "custom" of all our installations. They are now focused on using Imagine to distribute out of their DC. Back stock with automatic store fill-ins … replenishment to dynamic DC models is just a small part of their move to lower inventory costs without reducing customer service. They also use OTB, customer club, customer rewards and accounting integration.

Quarks Shoes (Canada)

Quarks Shoes (Canada) (30+ stores, Web store) had the "greatest growth" since their Imagine installation. They use many modules: Web Store, FAST Order Processing, Auto Stock Balancing, Auto Replenishment, EDI, customer rewards, accounting integration and a host of others.

Shoe Sensations

Shoe Sensations (65+ stores) is the "largest" in terms of stores. They use DC control extensively so Imagine features such as: Auto Stock Balancing, warehouse control, EDI (barcodes, orders, ASN’s), cross doc, tracking of in-transit, errorless transfers etc. are very important to them.