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Imagine Retail is a complete Retail Management System designed specifically for footwear stores. Manage your brick and mortar stores, your online stores, your merchandising and your accounting with one intuitive and easy-to-use software program.

Imagine Retail

  • For shoe and apparel retailers
  • 1 to 250 stores
  • Hosted in cloud or on your server
  • Real Time
  • Brick and Mortar stores
  • On-line stores
  • User defined reporting
  • Automated functions
  • Direct connections to:
    • Shopify Shopping Cart
    • Quick Books Accounting
    • Direct EDI communication
    • API
  • Generic connections to:
    • Various shopping carts
    • Various accounting systems
    • Various payroll systems

Smart Questions

Whats, hot or not … what are my best sellers … show me hot/cold and by store/size and allow me to drag and drop my transfers and by the way can I fill in holes with PO’s using the same tool … too much category inventory, too little category inventory … fill inventory holes with available items … what is the best size/run by item/store … take a customer order in store one and ship it from store 2 electronically... if store 1 will increase/decrease women’s casual by 5% what effect does this have on my OTB for that category … what size/run should I order by store … can all this be done automatically? IF YOU HAVE THESE QUESTIONS WE HAVE THE ANSWERS

Smart Interactive Merchandising System

Smart Interactive Merchandising System is a fully integrated set of modules that completely controls your inventory cycle... history, OTB forecasting, merchandise planning, historic store/size pattern based PO’s, receiving, dynamic model stocks, auto stock balancing and auto replenishment work together to forecast, manage and control a major cost in your business.

Smart Customer (CRM) System

Smart Customer is a complete POS, on-line store and CRM system that captures, manages, rewards, incents, markets to and processes orders from your customers in a fully integrated electronic manner. It is a complete system to acknowledge your customers business, rewards them for their purchases and incents them to shop your store(s) or on-line stores over and over.

Smart Reports System

Smart Reporting System is a "one step" reporting system that highlights problems and opportunities plus POPS UP a tool to execute your decisions. Highlight hot/cold/worst/best/trend items and execute drag and drop transfers, re-orders, maintain models and change prices all in one step. Use our standard reports, tailor them to suit your needs or create completely new ones … you can do it or we can do it for you.

Contact us today for more information on the three systems that make up Imagine Retail.