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Imagine Retail is a complete Retail Management System designed specifically for footwear stores. Manage your stores, your website and your accounting with one intuitive and easy-to-use software program.

Imagine Retail consists of all the standard retail modules plus three unique systems designed to focus on reducing inventory cost, increasing sales, and taking less time to do it all:

  • Standard retail management modules plus
  • Smart Inventory System will reduce inventory cost
  • Smart Customer System will increase sales
  • Smart Reports System will save time

Smart Inventory System

Smart Inventory System is a fully integrated set of modules that completely controls your inventory cycle... history, OTB forecasting, merchandise planning, historic store/size pattern based PO’s, receiving, dynamic model stocks, auto stock balancing and auto replenishment work together to forecast, manage and control a major cost in your business.

Smart Customer System

Smart Customer is a complete POS, Web store and CRM system that captures, manages, rewards, incents, markets to and processes orders from your customers in a fully integrated electronic manner. It is a complete system to acknowledge your customers business, rewards them for their purchases and incents them to shop your store(s) or web stores over and over.

Smart Reports System

Smart Reporting System is a "one step" reporting system that highlights problems and opportunities plus POPS UP a tool to execute your decisions. Highlight hot/cold/worst/best/trend items and execute drag and drop transfers, re-orders, maintain models and change prices all in one step. Use our standard reports, tailor them to suit your needs or create completely new ones … you can do it or we can do it for you.

Contact us today for more information on the three systems that make up Imagine Retail.