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Smart Reporting System

Tired of printing fixed reports, inquiring for more information and then writing down and keying in your decisions? Smart Reporting System is a "one step" paperless reporting system that highlights problems and opportunities plus POPS UP a tool to execute your decisions. Highlight hot/cold/worst/best/trend items and execute drag and drop transfers, re-orders, maintain models and change prices all in one step. Use our standard reports, tailor them to suit your needs or create completely new ones … you can do it or we can do it for you. All reports can also be printed. The benefit is "more accuracy in less time".

The Smart Reporting System is "view and do" reporting that keeps everything in sync.

View – use our reports or create your own format, drill down, re-sort, highlight items and execute your decisions using POP UP TOOLS.

Do – a series of POP UP TOOLS, that are a click away, and POP UP with info already filled in ready to execute your decisions.

As an example, Merchandising Reporting has 3 fully integrated modules:

  • Merchandising Reporting
  • Pop Up Tools
  • Automatic Reporting

The Merchandising Reporting Module highlights problems, issues and opportunities:

  • any combination of item, vendor, department, class, sub-class, season, material, style, color and thirteen other users defined merchandise categories.
  • any combination of dates … date ranges or fixed day, week, month, season, year.
  • this year vs. last year and the difference.
  • drill down using any combination of the above.
  • Re-sort by any field like % sold, Turn, GMROI, sales $, sales units, sales cost, etc.
  • Highlight any item and use a POP UP TOOL.

The Pop Up Tools Module allows you to execute your decisions automatically

  • Combo Tool allows for drag and drop transfers, re-orders, model maintenance all in one tool. Start with on-hand by store then click to add additional layers to the view … to order, sales, received, available. All decisions are executed in real time so transfers, orders and model maintenance is done automatically.
  • Item Tool displays everything you need to know about a specific item including images, store performance, historic sales graph, size grids and markdown performance.
  • Size Tool displays everything you want to know about size performance in a layered size tool.
  • Individual tools that transfer, order, auto order, maintain models and perform price management.

Automatic Reporting Module - Merchandise Reports can be run on a schedule and be viewed on laptops, IPads, IPhones and other such devices. Imagine runs the report and e-mails the result to an e-mail list. Just Imagine what this can do for structured communication in your company.

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