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Smart Reporting System

Merchandising for both Items and Categories

Where am I making money? Merchandise performance and trends reports. Any combination of stores, vendors and 10 levels of merchandise classifications like: vendor, department, class, sub-class, season, material, style, color and others. Well over 100 data points to choose from. This report, when used with POP UP TOOLS, adds distinct power to your merchandise management

Last year vs. this year for Items and Categories

How am I doing today? Reporting by day, week, month and year showing this year vs. last year and the difference. Any combination of stores, vendors and 10 levels of merchandise classifications. Highlight sales, margin $, margin %, markdowns and more in daily, weekly, monthly and YTD comparisons. Can display every day this week vs. same days last year

How am I doing by date range comparison? Similar to How am I doing today except it compares two separate date ranges and the difference. Great for promotional analysis, Easter, back to school etc.

Data Mining historic analysis this year vs. past years by weeks and months for multiple years. Display a wide variety of information like, in retail, cost and units, beginning, received, sold, adjusted, marked down and ending plus a host of statistics like Gross Margin ($ and %), Markdown ($ and %), % sold, average sale and more. Data mining is a perfect supplement for monthly OTB analysis giving each week within the month TY vs. LY. Terrific category performance tool.

Merchandise POP UP TOOLS drill down, re-sort and highlight an item in a report then POP UP a tool to execute your decision. Use one monitor or two (one for report and another for a POP UP Tool)

  • Combo Tool allows for drag and drop transfers, re-orders, model maintenance all in one tool. Start with on-hand by store then click to add additional layers to the view … to order, sales, received, available … all by size. All decisions are executed in real time so transfers, orders and model maintenance are done automatically.
  • Item Tool displays everything you need to know about a specific item including images, store performance, historic sales graph, size grids and markdown performance.
  • Size Tool displays everything you want to know about size performance in a layered size tool.
  • Individual tools that transfer, order, auto order, maintain models and perform price management.
  • (new) Markdown Tool analyze performance of past markdowns plus review suggested markdowns from the markdown wizard


Perpetual Inventory Workbench formats the information by retail$, cost$ and units by month highlighting beginning balances, receiving, adjustments, sales, markdowns and ending balance. A click will display by date all the individual transactions that make up these totals. Great for auditing item, departments and stores

Sale Audit Workbench Is the ability to create custom sales audit reports that highlight just what you want to see plus with a click see all the details

What's Happening Workbench controls all POS errors, in real time by alerting the back office using Imagines dashboard warning lights. i.e. anyone going around the automated return system, unauthorized markdowns, unchecked store credits, gift certificates and other "mistakes" at the POS. Clicking on the error displays the actual ticket on your workstation seconds after the transaction occurred

Sales Workbench Is the ability to create any reports based on the detailed sales transactions. List all POS markdowns between two dates for a store or employee. Check performance of promotions. Plus a host of others


Employee Detail, Summary and Payroll Workbenches are a complete set of sales performance, employee performance and payroll reports and inquiries that can be tailored to suit your specific needs


OTB Workbench is used to create and analyze the open to buy budget. OTB workbench has a format tool with over 100 pre calculated rows, that you can select in any sequence to create the OTB just the way you want to see it. The column tool displays the columns just the way you want to see them with customer defined column totals. Also, you have unlimited methods of defining your OTB budgets … by category, vendor, department/class/subclass, store and others. These can be changed at any time

OTB Plan Entry is used to enter % changes to last year’s figures (or plugged numbers). These will forecast next year’s sales, stock to sales ratios and markdowns driving the rest of the OTB budget process

Merchandise Planning uses the same categories as OTB, except it uses the OTB Category budget to manage item purchases within the category. Enter planned orders by retail, cost or units for items into a monthly grid and play “what if” with the results. Planned orders passed onto Easy Order Creator.

Easy Order Creator Tool (Pre-distribution) will take the planned orders entered in Merchandise Planning, and spread the amount between the stores based on historic category performance by these stores.

Easy Order Creator Tool (Automatic PO Creator) will use the pre-distributed orders to automatically create the actual PO's based on historic performance within this store/category/size. This tool can also create the initial model stock that will later be adjusted manually or by using Dynamic Models as its starting point.

POP UP Inquiry and Decision Tools

Automatic Item Management Workbench (AIM) uses Smart Item Technology to manage your items. Model management is done using AIM -Automatic Item Management that automatically adjusts models based on actual demand, user settings and seasonality.

Item Tool is everything you want to know about an item on one screen. Company and store sales history, on-order, in-transit, adjustments, pictures, performance, TY vs. LY sales graphs, select size grid views and much more on one screen.

Size Tool is everything you will need to know and make the right decisions by size. User definition makes it your tool ... your way. See received, sold, on-order by date, in-transit, on hand, available, projected sales all by date range.

Size Combo Tool - Drag and Drop Transfer, re-order, model maintenance plus other size information and decisions are executed on one screen. All you will need.

Easy Order Creator Tool - quantity by company (retail, cost and units) will be spread by Easy Order Creator to the stores using sales history. If acceptable it will spread the store quantities to individual store/size quantities creating a store, size PO based on budget and sales history. Without question the easiest way to create accurate PO's. Make adjustments at any step

Easy Model Creator Tool – click on Easy Order Creator Tool to create the initial model stock for this item. Make adjustments if you wish.

Automatic Stock Balancing Module allows you to "buy from yourself first" and reduce your inventory cost. Every sale is electronically reviewed and back filled from the warehouse or excess stock in another store in real time. This is a perfect solution for filling holes. Auto Stock Balancing also works in a batch mode for those times when a complete balance is required.

Auto Replenishment Module allows you to "buy from your vendor second" by ordering from the vendor only after the Automatic Stock Balancing Module has balanced your inventory. Send orders via EDI, e-mail or other method.

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