Smart Inventory

Imagine's Smart Merchandising System

Inventory costs too high, low turn, high markdowns, reducing your profits? Smart Interactive Merchandising System is a fully integrated set of modules that completely controls your inventory cycle... Imagine's saved history is merged with your forcecast adjustments to drive OTB budgets. These OTB budgets control planned item orders in Imagine's Merchandise Planning. Imagine's Easy Order Creator merges approved planned orders with historic "middle season" store/size patterns creating highly accurate store/size PO's and initial store/size model stocks. Receiving, distribution (pre/post), DC control, drop ship management, dynamic model stocks, auto stock balancing and auto replenishment work together to forecast, manage and control the major cost in your business. EDI is used to order and receive merchandise plus electronic invoice matching increases accuracy. You can use some or all of the Smart Inventory modules and grow into a fully integrated inventory management solution. The benefit is "less inventory".

The Smart Interactive Merchandising System consists of 7 fully integrated modules:

  • Open to Buy (OTB)
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Easy Order Creator (size pattern PO's)
  • Receiving and Distribution
  • Dynamic Model Stocks
  • Automatic Stock Balancing
  • Automatic Replenishment
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The Open to Buy (OTB) Module gives you complete flexibility to budget by any combination of vendor, store, department, class, subclass, season etc. Planned orders, actual orders and projected future replenishment orders are used to create the most accurate OTB budget amount.

The Merchandise Planning Module works in conjunction with the Open To Buy Module to allow the merchandiser to plan individual item orders by month. "What If Planning" allows for the creation of accurate assortment item orders.

The Easy Order Creator Module will combine the planned orders in Merchandise Planning Module with historic store/size patterns to create accurate store/size purchase orders. Accept system suggestions or make your own changes.

The Receiving and Distribution Module receives in the store or the distribution center. Receiving can be done against the PO, a size grid or by carton. Intelligent receiving at the distribution center will speak to the receiver telling them what store items need to go to or what customer order they will fill.

The Dynamic Model Stocks Module uses the original model (from Easy Order Creator), that is dynamically adjusted based on sales and your set parameters, every week. This accurately reflects the actual customer demand by store, style, color, size, width or run.

The Automatic Stock Balancing Module allows you to "buy from yourself first" and reduce your inventory cost. Every sale is electronically reviewed and back filled from the warehouse or excess stock in another store in real time. This is a perfect solution for filling holes. Auto Stock Balancing also works in a batch mode for those times when a complete balance is required.

The Auto Replenishment Module allows you to "buy from your vendor second" by ordering from the vendor only after the Automatic Stock Balancing Module has balanced your inventory. Send orders via EDI, e-mail or other method.

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